• Westport Fuel System global platform of manufacturing, development and sales facilities positions the company to meet the growing demand for gaseous fuel systems and components.
  • Westport Fuel Systems, through its subsidiary companies, offers the industry’s most extensive solutions within the alternative fuels markets, including automotive and mass transportation vehicles, heavy duty, industrial equipment, power generation, stationary engines, auxiliary power systems and CNG refueling products for the consumer and commercial markets.


Rohan BRC Gas Equipment is a Company of Westport Fuel System Group based in Vancouver – Canada, global leader in the field of Alternate Fuel Applications that has three main business verticals of Automotive, Industrial and Refuelling applications. In Indian Automotive Industry Rohan BRC has a proven track record as the CNG and LPG solution provider to Maruti Suzuki, General Motors and many other leading OEMs. The Indian operations and OEM projects are supported by BRC R&D Centre, the state of the art setup among the leading R&D facilities in Europe. BRC has targeted the investment of 4.50 Million € at Indian facility by the end of 2015.




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The campus sits on roughly 230 acres of land and includes frank house, a mansion listed on the national register presentation of historic places, and the museum of nebraska art, which houses over 175 years of artistic history.