Become Authorized Workshop

RohanBRC is well known brand name in India , in the field of alternate fuel technologies which is approved by leading OEMs such as Maruti Suzuki, Honda , Chverolet , General Motors , Tata , Mitsubishi , HM etc.. as well as good market share in After Market .Be a Part of RohanBRC Network of Authorized Dealer in the field of CNG & LPG Conversion that is constantly growing in order to further increase its presence throughout the India and provide the best possible service in line with Customers’ requirements.

Advantages of Being part of the RohanBRC Authorized Dealer Network :

  • Being visible and contactable on the RohanBRC website by any sub-dealer , RFC ,Customer/End User.

  • Being continually updated about new products, Advertisement, presentations, software upgrades, homologations, etc.

  • Having the opportunity to benefit from dedicated promotional material for workshops and RFC.

  • Competing in any commercial initiative organized in collaboration with the Sales Network.

  •  In house technical training at RohanBRC which having the state of art technology for training of CNG / LPG conversion with the facility to fit and tune vehicles with high tech equipments such as 5 Gas Analyzer ,On Road Computerized Dignostic, Gas leak detector, etc.

  • Participating in advertising campaigns in magazines or other communication media at regional or national level.

  • Receiving support to take part in exhibitions and local events;

  • Attending training, updating and specialization courses organized on a regular basis by our Technical Department together with our Sales Team.

  • Making use of telephone and remote assistance support brought to you directly from RohanBRC headquarters;

  • Obtaining access to the Reserved Web Area from where technical, commercial and advertising materials can be downloaded.

Being an Authorized RohanBRC Dealer means being fully committed to promoting the BRC brand and products and providing a high level of professional service combined with the best quality in terms of installation and assistance to each Customer.

Therefore, in order to become an Authorized RohanBRC Dealer get in touch with your local Dealer, who will check with RohanBRC Gas if you meet our requirements for becoming a member!

Advantages of RohanBRC

  • We provide very quick and prompt after sales service to our customers with the help of our widespread dealer network of dealers and RTO Authorized Retro fitment centers across the country.
  • The BRC is well known brand name in the field of alternate fuel technologies which is approved by OEMs such as Maruti Suzuki, Honda, General Motors, Tata Motors, Mitsubishi, Hindustan Motors and others.
  • We provide in house training at our company workshop which is RTO authorized retro fitment center with state of the art technology for carrying out the fitment CNG/LPG auto conversion kits with the facility to fit and tune vehicles with high tech equipments such as 5 gas analyzer, on road computerized diagnostic, Gas leak detector, SET 2000, Lap Top etc.
  • Our technicians are highly qualified, well experienced and   trained by various OEMs companies for fitment of BRC CNG/LPG kits in their OE vehicles and hence they know the level of quality fitment and safety aspects.
  • Our Company Workshop is one of the best workshops in the country for alternate fuel technologies, and it is dedicated for CNG/LPG conversion having highest ratio of fitment in a day across the country.
  • After so many years of R&D activities,   we have developed mechanical and electronic components indigenously with low maintenance and cost effective which is helpful to the customers to maintain their vehicles.
  • The key point of the performance is the quality of goods and the fitment. So as far as the fitment is concerned we are not hanging the kit but fix the kit and it’s components at specific location as per the Government safety guidelines. So it will not create any consequential damage to the vehicle